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Hot Melts - Available in bulk or stick. 

Polyamide- High heat resistance, excellent    strength. Applications: woodworking, filters, multi-wall bags, potting.

EVA- Applications: Cabinets, Case and Carton sealing, Foam to foam.

Apao good to great heat resistance, tacky, less expensive than PSA. Applications: Cabinets, mattresses, samples.

PSA always tacky, adheres to difficult surfaces. Rubber based. Applications: foam to plastic, foam to foam, headliners.

Product Lines From: H.B. Fuller, Progressive, DHM.

Water Based

EVA soft pliable film. Applications: difficult to adhere surfaces, gypsum, vinyl,  fabric.

PVA hard film, adheres wood to wood well.  Applications: woodworking, millwork, cabinets.

PSA always tacky, rubber based.  Applications: medical clothing, foam to metal, stamps.

Product Lines From: H.B. Fuller, Progressive, DHM.


For Marine, RV, architectural, access flooring, roofing, construction, truck and trailer sealing applications.

Product Lines From: Parsons Adhesives, Threebond.


One and two part adhesives, good heat resistance, excellent durability, lower cost.  Applications: potting, structural bonding, encapsulating.

Product Lines From: Parsons Adhesives, Threebond, GS Polymers


Structural bonding of plastics, metals and composite materials. Applications: Marine, transportation, industrial, sign and construction.

Product Lines From: H.B. Fuller, Progressive, DHM.







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